1987 Jeep Wrangler Specs

For the 1987 model year the Wrangler replaced the very popular CJ7. The Wrangler was built on Jeep’s new YJ platform which offered better structural rigidity and was quieter and more civilized than the CJ7’s platform. Though the Wrangler looked a lot like the CJ7, its front grille, taillights, and other exterior features were different and an nice evolution of the CJ7’s design. The interior was ultra modern compared to the CJ7’s interior. The 1987 was more capable off-road than the CJ7. The 1987 Wrangler proved to be very popular and it was the start of something very good.


Engine Horsepower @ RPM Torque lb-ft @ RPM Automatic Transmission Manual Transmission
2.5 liter I4 117 @ 5,300 135 @ 2,900 No 5-speed BA-5
4.2 liter I6 112 @ 3,000 210 @ 2,000 3-speed Torqueflite 5-speed BA-10


Length 152.6 inches
Wheelbase 93.4 inches
Width 66 inches
Height 72 inches (soft-top)
69.6 inches (hardtop)
Curb Weight 2,810-2,855 lbs


Base Price $8,396.00
Models Wrangler
Wrangler Laredo
Wrangler S